Pulse Jet Cartridge Filter
Pulse Jet Cartridge Filter

Techflow Enterprises Pvt Ltd is one of the largest and most trusted suppliers in India. Techflow has a global export system for Dust Collector.

Techflow provides air pollution control equipment. B. Epoxy recovery system for Dust Collector bag filter, pulse jet, pulse jet bag filter, pulse jet cartridge filter, furnace fume extraction system, air pollution control device, centrifugal fan and blower, dust collection system, bag house, welded fume extraction system, return Air purification bag filter, flue gas purification system, cassette filter, siloven filter, fabric filter, secondary cleaning bag filter, online cleaning bag filter, dust collector, electrostatic precipitator (ESP), epoxy recovery system and air transport system.

Since 1980, Techflow has been one of the largest manufacturers of dust collectors. After developing the cartridge filter, the motivation was to reduce clearance and get better performance compared to bag filters. Pulsejet cartridge filters are used in medium temperature applications where dust particles flow freely. Various dust removal filters are available depending on the application. In this system, timed pulsations or pressurized air flow in the opposite path of the main airflow. The outside of the cartridge is cleaned by swift rotation using a cleaning jet through the venturi.

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Pulse Jet Cartridge Filter


Epoxy Recovery System for Dust Collector Applications

Epoxy recovery systems for Dust Collector allow degraded air to flow over cartridges, retain dust particles, and leave only clean, clean air in the atmosphere. The epoxy recovery system for Dust Collector features a compact design and shortened span. This is why these systems are frequent in the fields of pigments and chemicals, mineral grinding, ceramics, sandblasting, abrasive manufacturing, shot peening, polymers, spices, powder coating, welding and cutting, cattle feed and grain handling, and grinding. It is mostly utilised for this purpose.Polishing, air transportation system, engineering shop, food processing, etc. Techflow offers a variety of epoxy recovery systems in the 1000 CuM / hr range. And 1,00,000 CuM / hr. upon. These epoxy recovery systems can be used with a variety of additional spare parts and alternatives, including drainage equipment, surface filtration techniques, and a variety of materials suitable for many applications.


1. Principle of operation (cleanup online)

Dusty air enters the hopper and heavy particles fall out of the air stream. Light particles are trapped in the airflow and rise into the filter bag. As air flows through the filter bag, dust molecules on the outer surface of the filter bag are collected and purified air is expelled from the system. In a precise burst, a compressed jet of high-pressure air flows through the venturi through an impulse valve and blow tube, creating a powerful secondary air flow that temporarily reverses the air flow through the bag. This process creates an internal shock wave that runs along the length of the bag, pressurizing the bag and bending it outwards. This causes the air flow in the opposite direction to remove the dust that collects on the outside of the bag and drop it into the collection hopper. With this cleaning method, the air flow in a series of bags changes for only 1 second, after which a constant air flow is obtained throughout the recovery system. The cleaning process is controlled by a set semiconductor timer. The differential pressure gauge allows you to set the timer optimally. To reduce the consumption of compressed air, you can easily and accurately set the pulse duration and pulse pause with a timer.

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2. General functions of the epoxy recovery system for Dust Collector

It extracts particles and dissipates fume emissions cleanly while controlling SPM levels. The unit is designed and manufactured according to mutual prior discussion and technical agreement on parameters such as air to cloth ratio, existing and new bag cage sizes, control system, can speed, inlet / outlet, heater, dust load, etc. It has been.

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Features of Epoxy Recovery System for Dust Collector :

  • Cartridge loading and cartridge loading and front loading from low heights facilitate maintenance and operation
  • Durable parts ensure continuous operation
  • Low pressure drop compared to tubular bag filters
  • Easily adjustable designs start at 1000 CuM / hr. Up to 1,00,000 CuM / h
  • Provided in working condition.
  • Minimal floor space is required.

Advantanges :

  • Pulse Jet Cartridge Filter

    Compact Design

  • Pulse Jet Cartridge Filter

    Lower Space Acquisition

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Pulse Jet Cartridge Filter